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1. HUGO Blog

This is my first post about how do I build this hugo blog. I used to try to build a Hugo blog during January 2016 via DigitalOcean.com (CentOS 7) but there has some unexpected issues:

  • Unable access into console.
  • Mouse unable control the cursor in the virtual operating system.
  • Internet line always interrupted.
  • The theme hugo-theme-air is not complete and not workable.

Today I am trying to continue build my hugo blog in Windows 10 as I occassionally saw the hugo-theme-air has maintaned and updated. You can read the reference to know about what is HUGO.

2. Build Hugo Blog in Windows 10

2.1 Create a Github Repo

Firstly, you need to create a GitHub Pages at GitHub. I just simply created mine as englianhu.github.io and then activate it. You are feel free to refer to GitHub Pages for further information.

After that, I’ve just simply download as a ョStudio project via ョStudio IDE. You are feel free to read Setup ョStudio Server on Digital Ocean — CentOS 7 if you are using centOS 7 on DigitalOcean.com.

Here is my path for the Hugo blog > C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu\englianhu.github.io.

2.2 Download Hugo Apps

Secondly, you need to go to spf13/hugo to download the latest (currently version 1.6 is the most updated version) version. Click here to download the HUGO server Windows 64 bit.

Due to the Hugo.exe is a standalone app, therefore I just simply locate it at > C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu and then move the folder englianhu.github.io to path C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu.github.io to save the github relevant files. After that, I open Shell inside Tools in ョStudio IDE menu bar (new session).

Follow by run below codes to create a website:

> C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu>hugo new site englianhu.github.io

After create a structure of the website, run below codes:

> C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu>cd englianhu.github.io\themes
> C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu\englianhu.github.io\themes>git clone https://github.com/spf13/hyde.git

Remember the Hugo.exe is an standalone app and I move it to C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu\englianhu.github.io\themes> in order to run the app as below codes.

2.3 Browse via LocalHost Before Post

> C:\Users\scibr\Documents\GitHub\englianhu\englianhu.github.io\themes>hugo server --theme=hugo-theme-air --buildDrafts --watch

Well, now we try to browse the localhost.